Fluids Engineering Science Laboratry

流体設計研究室 教授より / From the Professor of the Fluids Engineering Design Laboratory

教授 下山 幸治 / Koji Shimoyama, Professor


Gas (e.g., air) and liquid (e.g., water) collectively mean "fluids" and are essential substances for our life. Also, fluid machinery (e.g., automobiles, aircraft, engines, and power generators) works with force and energy obtained from flow and usually enriches our life.

研究について / About research

さらに,流体機械を設計する際には,様々な設計候補を挙げて検討し,それらの中から設計要求に応えられるものを探し出す必要があります.従来,この作業は設計者の知識・経験・勘を頼りに行われてきましたが,設計問題が大規模化および複雑化するに従い困難になります. そこで当研究室では,

For fluid machinery design, it is necessary to clarify the flow phenomena that produce force and energy. However, fluid dynamics is a highly complex discipline governed by a system of nonlinear partial differential equations, the "Navier-Stokes equations" (indeed, there is a prize for those who can solve these equations theoretically, i.e., by hand calculations). Therefore, this laboratory is working on research to clarify the flow phenomena (e.g., vortex, shock wave, and acoustics) in detail, which are crucial to the characteristics of fluid machinery, through
Numerical simulations (supercomputers),
Experiments (optical measurements).
Moreover, when designing fluid machinery, it is necessary to consider various design candidates and find out one of them that can meet design requirements. Traditionally, it has been carried out based on the designer's knowledge, experience, and intuition, but it gets more complicated as the design problem becomes more extensive and complex. Therefore, this laboratory is working on research to create innovative fluid machinery independent of a designer's skill assisted by
Optimization (mathematical and data sciences).

産学官連携について / About industry-academia-government collaboration


So far, this laboratory has conducted domestic and international collaborative research with various companies and research institutes outside Kyushu University. Furthermore, this laboratory still welcomes new collaboration in the future.